Kell is the cutting-edge professional line that makes beautiful hair, smooth and soft thanks to keratin and oil Pracaxi. Always gentle on skin and hair, natural given the absence of formaldehyde or aldehyde, effective thanks to the formulation based on natural keratin, caring and sustainable as certifies the passing of the strictest European standards of safety and emission of smoke.


Used in the treatment Kell and all products in the line, naturally it penetrates the hair fiber to repair it, acting as a powerful shield against the ravages of aging. The fraction of low molecular weight acts in the depth for reinforcing the texture; while the fraction of high molecular weight coats the hair fiber protecting it from environmental pollution.

The natural behenic acid extract of the plant Pracaxi

Typical of the subtropical areas of Venezuela and the Amazon, has moisturizing and nourishing properties that guarantee the maximum softness and silky hair: in this way promotes the anti-frizz, improves combing both wet and dry hair, increases the brightness of the hair. The choice of oil Pracaxi as the active ingredient of the full range of Mowan also is the commitment to the defense of the environment of the Amazon Forest: it is in fact obtained by simply collecting fruits from local families that this will have a ‘income alternative to deforestation.



There are many advantages offered by Kell Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment, from a smooth effect of outstanding durability and the utmost respect for the health of the client and the professional.

You can briefly summarize the most important advantages as follows:
– Maximum repair and reconstruction;
– Improving elasticity and shine;
– Extraordinary anti-frizz;
– Treatment free of formaldehyde and other types of aldehydes;
– More hair silky, soft and revitalized;
– Very good perfume;
– No irritation to eyes and respiratory tract due to the slight smoke issued from the plate;
– Fewer passes of the plate due to the high penetration index of hair;
– Application even on chemically treated hair already, is that discolored colored, bleached or particularly bad;
– No change of hair color;
– Maintenance line that favors the duration of treatment;
– Highly professional product and created in collaboration with a team of qualified hairdressers for the needs of salons and customers.


The Kell treatment lasts about 80/90 minutes, it can be applied on all types of hair and is repeatable every 60 days approximately to continuously improve the health of the hair.

There are three stages of Kell Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment:: the first takes place applying Kell Pre-treatment Purifying Shampoo, which allows the opening of cuticles preparing them to receive the keratin; the second is deployed Kell Hair Smoothing Treatment on the hair so that the keratin shelters and invigorate the fiber giving gloss and smoothness; in the third phase it is used Kell plate to complete the process penetration of keratin within the hair. After 72 hours of treatment Kell, to prolong the effects of the Kell Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment, you should use effective products the maintenance line: Kell Keep-straight Shampoo; Kell Keep straight-Conditioner; Kell Keep straight-Conditioning Foam.


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