Kell Pre-Treatment Purifying Shampoo

Characterized by the presence of Pracaxi oil, the formula of Kell Pre-treatment Purifying Shampoo is SLES\SLS and salts free. This alkaline shampoo ensures a deep cleansing and favours the cuticles opening before Kell Hair Smoothing Treatment. This first step is necessary for a good outcome of the treatment.

Use: apply a small quantity of shampoo and massage gently. Rinse and repeat the application up to three times depending on your hair conditions. After rinsing, remove excess water with a towel. Now your hair is ready for the keratin treatment.


• Wash carefully your hair with Kell Pre-treatment Purifying Shampoo, if necessary repeat again for perfectly clean hair.
• Dry naturally your hair, removing all the water in excess.
• Pour into a bowl the necessary quantity of Kell Hair Smoothing Treatment. A 30ml dose* is enough for most of the customers with medium-length hair. Starting from the nape, apply the treatment with the brush in portions of about 1 cm, from the root to the ends. Using a fine-toothed comb will help you distributing the product.
• After having spread well the product, leave it to rest from 10 to 20 minutes. To favour the efficacy of the product, the use of sources of heat or a plastic cap is advisable. Avoid humid sources of heat.
• End drying with hairdryer and brush.
• Pass the hair strengthener on locks of width similar to that of the titanium sheet and of about half-millimeter thickness.
See the table for the ideal number of hair strengthener smoothing and temperature.
• The slight fume that will come out is only water steam and product in excess that evaporates.
• Rinse thoroughly with warm water* and afterwards wash your hair with Kell Keep-Straight Shampoo and apply the Kell Keep-Straight Conditioner. Dry and shape according to the customer’s need. To prolong the effect of the treatment, we recommend the use of Kell Keep-Straight Shampoo and Kell Keep-Straight Conditioning Foam also at home.

*To obtain an extra-straight effect, it is advisable not to wash your hair in the next 72 hours nor use the normal hair accessories (hairpins, hairbands)